Ceremonial Shell Casing Embedded in Lucite

In a tradition dating back to the European dynastic wars (1688-1748), military funerals honor the memory and service of a deceased veteran with the ceremonial shooting of three volleys.  Representing the words – duty, honor, and country – the three bullets’ spent shell casings are then presented to the recipient’s next of kin.

A proud wife and daughter chose to encapsulate the personal significance of the experience and symbolism of the tradition with three separate Lucite embedment keepsakes from our loyal product partner, Century Manufacturing.

Lucite acrylic is a premium, durable product.  Its versatility allows it to be handcrafted into various shapes and sizes, incorporating many different types of embedded objects.  Multiple items can be embedded and colors can even be added!  To learn more about these unique products and the embedment process, view Century Manufacturing’s brand new website!

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